RBC Apple PI

Big data tools for investment performance

Project Overview

Creating an interface to enable several different types of users to access and understand a massive amount of dynamic market data.

What is it?

The Portfolio Insights (Apple PI) project was created to consolidate and make available all investment information across Royal Bank.

Executives can track broad regional performance of how their investments are performing. Bank Managers can examine the details of all the Investment Advisors. Investment Advisors can examine their whole portfolio.

Across the board they can all compare their data to the company averages and guidances, all to better manage performance and risk for the whole organization.

What we did

We started by interviewing users from different roles that would be using this tool, and that were currently using workarounds to accomplish related goals.

Our key finding was how people with identical titles could vary greatly in their needs. Specifically Investment Advisors and the Associates that worked on their teams.

This insight helped us better design configurable aspects of the interface, allowing different users to save and load configurations that better suited their needs.

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