Sun Life

Using entertainment to teach financial literacy

Project Overview

Sun Life wanted to explore the idea of using mobile games to teach financial literacy to some of their clients. Presentations and hand-outs weren’t effective in the workplaces in question.How would this approach fare?

What is it?

The product goal was to teach lower income workers about retirement savings and the effectiveness of compound interest.

Existing research had shown that processes that were somewhat effective in industries such as tech, finance, and other white collar work was not resonating with blue collar work.In office presentations were largely ignored as being unnecessary off-the-clock time spent. Materials were largely ignored.

Sunlife wanted to experiment with a mobile game that might capture their attention in small increments during travel or leisure time that would help convey core concepts like compound interest savings.

What we did

We ran research with potential users from the target demographics and company types. Our research told us that there was broad familiarity with games, but also a wide range of knowledge. One person didn't grasp percentages, while others had much higher financial knowledge.

With basic validation out of the way, we created several concepts to address the problem through different mechanics. After the clients agreed to one, we prototyped a vertical slice of mechanics and also created a trailer to try and internally validate it further within Sun Life.

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