Work Experience

Loblaw Digital

/ Senior Product Designer

August 2020 - Present (Toronto, Canada)

I currently work on the PC Optimum team which is the largest loyalty program in Canada. My focus is on the Offers feed which is the core function of the product.

Currently I’m reworking the information architecture to improve the scalability of the interface. This is crucial as future plans involve PCO becoming a hub for many other Loblaw businesses. I also work as a leader in mentoring other designers, working on design system initiatives, and acting as a voice for design strategy on the team.

Horizon Blockchain Games

 / UX Designer

April 2020 - Current (Toronto, Canada)

Horizon Blockchain Games are creators of the Arcadeum platform for ownership and trade of digital goods. They are also creators of the soon to be released tradable card game, SkyWeaver.

At Horizon I designed a specialized Blockchain Wallet for storing and trading of digital goods in the games space. This wallet is used as an authentication layer and digital goods management layer for Horizon’s games and potentially other parties/products as well.

I’ve also worked to create a User Research discipline from the ground up with limited resources by tying together low cost or free tier services.

Honeybee Benefits

 / Product & Design Consultant

Oct 2018 - Current (Toronto, Canada)

Honeybee is an insurance product I helped create during my time at TWG back in 2016-2017. Our original engagement with Benecaid Insurance was to create an insurance product that hybridized traditional insurance coverage with modern health accounts. The success of that original project was also cited as a reason behind Benecaid being acquired by the April Group in early 2018.

With my pre-existing domain knowledge from the original project, I was able to jump into a consulting role for various product and design needs  on a part-time basis. My responsibilities included running internal workshops, product research, product strategy, and UX design.


 / Senior Product Manager & Design Lead

Sept 2016 - Oct 2018 (Toronto, Canada)

TWG is a digital consulting company that collaborates with their partners from early strategy all the way through launch and beyond.

I joined TWG as a Senior Product Manager with a Design specialization in the Fall of 2016. My goal was to iterate more rapidly on my processes and tools, which from my experience seemed less likely at product companies that had more rigid processes (for better and for worse). The project cycle at TWG allowed for rapid turnover, experimentation, and iteration.‍

During my time at TWG I worked on a variety of projects and clients, such as RBC, Sun Life, Sensibill, Inkbox, and Benecaid. The types of projects included big data analysis, computer vision, business and technical strategy, and experimental product prototyping.

My responsibilities involved client management, product strategy, design leadership, and agile development management. In those responsibilities I took pride in taking point on difficult conversations, such as when discovering non-viable strategies and organizational friction.

In May of 2018 I requested a change to a contract position, and a role shift to a Design Lead. This was driven by a desire to carve out time for more personal projects and to engage in more direct mentorship.

During my time as a Design Lead I worked on a large scale HR management product along with an Intermediate designer. I was responsible for client and product design strategy, while I guided the other designer through to a successful engagement.


 / Product Manager & Product Designer

May 2016 - Sept 2016 (Toronto, Canada)

Taplytics is a small, engineering focused company that creates tools to help other companies learn, and experiment, and validate changes to their mobile apps.

With a singular existing product in an increasingly competitive field, I was responsible for researching that competition and analyzing our own weaknesses in feature set and usability. I uncovered feedback through previously unprocessed customer feedback, internal interviews with colleagues that regularly interact with customers (support and sales), and interviews with customers.

I rapidly revised and re-launched their marketing site in an effort to shift their market positioning from being tool focused to problem focused. I’ve also redesigned the product itself, addressing core usability issues (a design language that will be implemented in stages over time).

My final project was creating their first formalized product roadmap by incorporating and prioritizing critical issues brought up by customers, along with integrating progress milestones towards a pivot in the next version of the product.

Disruptor Beam

/ UX Designer

Feb 2016 - Mar 2016 (Boston, MA)

I was hired into Disruptor Beam as a UX Designer to provide immediate assistance and leadership to the existing UX design teams.

My focus was on Star Trek: Timelines, a mobile free to play game that had shipped in early 2016. My primary tasks involved helping to develop their events system and gambling features, features which greatly increase retention and monetization. My process spanned initial feature design to implementation in Unity through C#.


/ Senior Designer & Product Manaager

Sept 2015 - Feb 2016 (Toronto, Canada)

EventMobi’s primary product is a customizable, white label mobile app that other businesses use to organize attendees at their own events. Initially an app for event schedule management, the product has grown as the market has evolved.

At EventMobi I led the Engagement team, responsible for gamification and ARS (Audience Response Systems) mechanics within their main product. I led product development of Live Display and Group Discussions projects. This was informed by competitive research and market resources (industry blogs and publications) and interviewing customers.

Along with the other Product Managers, we created processes to bridge communication gaps between Product and Operations (sales, marketing, and support). We were the focal point for all feedback, and ensured other departments were made aware of upcoming changes.

I also mentored other designers through 1-on-1s and reviews, and worked towards improving design processes. I pushed further usage of regular user and internal interviews, synthesized through collaborative methods such as affinity diagrams.

Uken Games

/ Senior UX Designer

Dec 2012 - Feb 2015 (Toronto, Canada)

As a Senior UX Designer I worked on multiple cross platform mobile games at Uken while also helped in implementing more user-centred design methodologies in regards to product development, user research, and prototyping.

I helped grow the design talent across teams (originally just myself) to 3 other seniors along with several others, designed internal tools, and launched design initiatives to increase cross-pollination between different game teams by holding inter-team design jams and design reviews.

I also was responsible for creating the first user research lab within the company in order to push the organization towards more user-centred processes.

Endloop Mobile

/ Lead Designer

Feb 2011 - Aug 2011 (Toronto, Canada)

Lead Designer at a small mobile shop. Managed the design of both internal products and client service projects. This work manifested itself in iPad and iPhone apps, games, and promotional websites. 

Jet Cooper

/ UX Designer

Sept 2010 - Feb 2011 (Toronto, Canada)

Worked on a wide variety of clients from local startups to Motorola in designing the UX for web applications and sites. I created workflows, wireframes, mood boards, and final visual designs. I also frequently managed my own projects and worked with clients directly in finding the best solution for their needs. 



User Flows • Information Architecture • Wireframes • Collaborative Sketching • Design Systems • Design Charrettes • Design Management & Mentorship • Service Blueprints


Figma Prototypes • Keynote • Unity • Origami Studio • Paper Prototyping • Storyboarding


Data Analysis • Usability Testing • Task Analysis • User Interview Moderation • Diary Studies • Research Repository Design

Product Management

Strategy • Roadmapping • Strategy Workshops • Competitive Analysis • Prioritization Workshops • KANO Prioritization • Jobs to be Done Methodology