Redesigning an already successful platform for a bigger future

Project Overview

HRDownloads was a successful platform that had survived on it’s original design and codebase for years, but was losing more and more time to maintaining a their legacy product.

At TWG we were tasked with learning how their current customers used the platform, where the highest value improvements could be made across their product, and with developing a more scalable platform.

Skills Used


  • Product Strategy
  • Agile team management
  • Product Roadmapping
  • QA Test Plan Design


  • Visual Design
  • User Flows
  • Design Mentorship
  • Design Workshops
  • Interactive Prototyping


  • User Research Strategy
  • Research Synthesis

Redesigning a Suite of Products

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The original HRDownloads platform had grown from a simple feature set into a suite. Products were bundled into different functional packages, and most products had poor interoperability between them.

With so many silos of functionality we decided to start by focusing on one high value user flow that was hindered by the current setup. By redesigning this flow as a pilot it would help inform later roadmap plans and design strategies.

Document Assignment

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Overview of the original

HRDownloads allows people to assign documents (like contracts, training, etc...) to different employees. These documents get tracked, allowing admins to follow-up on assignments.

However the original flow was spread across multiple products in a difficult manner that felt disjointed for users. They were forced to traverse different areas of the product while cognitively carrying the task forward themselves.

Designing a user-centered alternative

To improve this flow we needed to break down the siloed nature of the products.

This meant that rather than force the user to go elsewhere to complete a flow requiring multiple products, the products should "come to them" when needed.

User Testing

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Testing for multiple functions

While on the surface this was a single type of flow, there were many wrinkles that we had to be aware of based on our knowledge of existing usage.

To help account for and align on these ideas we used themes up front to represent broad ideas.

Research Results

We often found it critical to translate research results into consumable, relatable nuggets for various stakeholders. Here are some samples of the "bite-sized" ways in which we communicated the value of research.

Research Outcomes

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Impact on multiple areas of the flow

The user testing helped inform changes to several places where the flow touched.

While the flow technically starts in one area, once documents are assigned they become persistent, trackable tasks from a Dashboard (and elsewhere). Here are a few examples of changes that came from this.

Other Artifacts

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While this case study was focused on a major part of the project, other work was done prior to that to map the existing work and create structure. Here are some artifacts from earlier in the project.

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