Computer vision for healthier finances

Project Overview

Sensibill licenses out their proprietary receipt scanning and management technology to major companies like Banks. Banks embed this tech into their consumer apps so their customers can benefits.

We were tasked 2 streams of work:
1. Rewriting and redesigning their core scanning technology
2: Design an improved flow that helped capture long receipts across multiple images.

Skills Used


  • Product Strategy
  • Agile team management
  • Product Roadmapping
  • QA Test Plan Design


  • Visual Design
  • User Flows
  • Design Mentorship
  • Design Workshops
  • Interactive Prototyping


  • User Research Strategy
  • Live User Testing with Origami Studio
  • Research Synthesis

A Design PM in a Technical Project

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While I had strengths in the user experience problems we faced, I could only face the technical problems on a high level. I leaned on an excellent Tech Lead and dev team while project planning, but there were still communication challenges for stakeholders.

We often had to communicate the value of the technical work before the full algorithm was functional, and to stakeholders from varying backgrounds. Fortunately design can be a tremendous help in this regard.

Advanced Prototyping

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We had designed an improved flow for receipt capture to also integrate stitching together long receipts from several photos. However, because the technical work stream wasn't functional enough yet we had to validate designs without working software.

Creative QA

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As our technical work stabilized we needed to create and agree upon criteria with the client. While our software determined what was usable receipts, those images would then be processed on the client's servers for OCR.

Camera's can be out of focus and receipts can be faded from physical wear. How can we create stepped quality levels for these types of tests?

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