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Wayne Sang

Design Leader + Product Manager

I’ve worked in design and tech for over 15 years. I currently work as a Design Lead at MetaLab.

I also specialize in prototyping and video production.

Email at me@waynesang.com or find me on Twitter at @waynesang or on Mastodon at @waynesang@mastodon.social

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There's no portfolio here

I'm working on how to show my work in a different format rather that doesn't emphasize visual design.

My impact is more on design and product management, mentorship, and strategy. I'm happy to tell some stories!

What I'm looking for

I'm happy to discuss new opportunities and collaborations!

My interests right now are in video production, advanced prototyping, and mental health.

Feel free to reach out.

Where else you can find me

Wayne Sang on Youtube

This is where my energy and focus is right now. I’m trying to scale up how to share what I’ve learned, which is a weird hodge-podge over a varied career.

@waynesang on Twitter

I almost never, ever post. I’m trying (a little) to engage more, but it’s not a high priority for me.

@waynesang@mastodon.social on Mastodon

Phew, we're really moving, huh? Well I'm there, even if not much is happening yet!

@waynesang on Instagram

Trying to get back in here too, mostly to practice visual composition, but it’s slow going.