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Wayne Sang

Design Leader + Product Manager

I’ve worked in design and tech for over 15 years. I currently work as a Design Lead at MetaLab.

I also specialize in prototyping and video production.

Email at me@waynesang.com or find me on Twitter at @waynesang

Portrait photo of Wayne Sang in a yellow tint


There's no portfolio here

I do very little visual design these days. Portfolios tend to overemphasize that, even if I'm talking about non-visual contributions.

I focus on design and product strategy, process, and mentorship. Stuff like that. I can tell you about this work and my impact, but a conventional portfolio feels misleading and distracting from that.

Also keeping one up to date isn’t where I want to spend my energy these days.

Interested in collabs, not roles

I’m not looking for contract work or a new job.

And even if I was, I’m fully remote, and mostly only considering more unique opportunities. This means not your Senior Design role at a crypto startup. A thousand times no.

But if you want to talk about something else, like collaborating on a video or podcast, then reach out.

Where else you can find me

Wayne Sang on Youtube

This is where my energy and focus is right now. I’m trying to scale up how to share what I’ve learned, which is a weird hodge-podge over a varied career.

I also need a creative outlet that isn’t building products for other people.

@waynesang on Twitter

I almost never, ever post. I’m trying (a little) to engage more, but it’s not a high priority for me.

@waynesang on Twitch (inactive)

This is shelved for now. Felt a bit like a part-time job, but I plan on returning after re-thinking my approach.

When I return, it’ll likely be a combination of co-working, open office hours, and gaming.

@waynesang on Instagram

Trying to get back in here too, mostly to practice visual composition, but it’s slow going.