A marketplace for creative expression

Project Overview

Inkbox was primed to expand their presence in the market after a recent seed round, and they needed to scale from their original marketplace website. Through user research and user centred design we refined their understanding of their market, and validated the idea of an artist marketplace to broaden their creative offerings.

What is it?

Inkbox is a producer of semi-permanent tattoos. They look almost real, last for 2 weeks, and are easy to apply. With their original funding coming from Dragon’s Den, and with their product used on Stranger Things, they were primed to grow.

At the time their entire product line was created by in-house designers, but the exploration of an artist supported marketplace would broaden their product line and benefit the creative community.

What we did

We wanted to both improve the customer experience and to learn more about how artists might join the platform and create content.

User interviews helped us validate the potential for other artists being brought in, and also revealed that many tattoo artists view products like Inkbox has synergistic rather than as competitors.

One key improvement to the marketplace was using our research to define a taxonomy for tagging and organizing tattoos, which previously was done ad-hoc. This would eventually help discoverability and future scaling of the product line as it evolved.

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