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Project Overview

LilGrid is a plugin for Figma that serves a simple purpose: organizing lots of artboards/components into grids. I made it to fix my own problem of an icon library that had gotten a little unwieldy.

What is it?

LilGrid doesn't try and do anything smart or make any assumptions. It just makes a grid of your width and height specs and organizes items into that. It's perfect for icon libraries that might sometimes get out of control.

What I did

Figma plugin development uses TypeScript, which is based on JavaScript. As I'm good enough to JS to "do things, except dangerously", I was able to figure it out.

The structure for plugins is fairly simple, despite being in somewhat unfamiliar tech. The constraints are also fairly straight forward which helped provide guard rails in developing this and keeping it simple.

For example all plugins spawn a pop-up to interact with and initiate the plugin, which served my purpose pretty well.

Plugin development took a few hours over a few days, with most of that being reading Figma dev documentation.

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